The Biodiversity Research Consortium Brazil-Norway (BRC) was established in 2013. Uniting five Brazilian and Norwegian institutions, the main aim of the cooperation is to develop environmental research in the eastern Brazilian Amazon.



Coordinator: Rafael Assis

Natural History Museum



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Rafael Assis is a biologist, with a master degree in Botany, and a PhD in Ecology and Natural Resource Management. For over a decade, he worked with different aspects of vegetation ecology in the Amazon,  such as forest ecology of periodically flooded forests, patterns of endemism and habitat specificity, ecological processes involving the effects of land-use and climate change. His PhD was obtained in a collaboration between a Research Institute from Brazil and an University from Norway, where he lived from 2011-2014. Between 2017 and 2018, he was the project manager of a research project that aimed to establish and run a long term and large-scale experiment of adding fertilizers on forest soils to monitor vegetation responses, such as changes in productivity and biomass accumulation. Rafael is the current coordinator for BRC, position occupied since 2019.

Photo: Rafael Assis