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Established in 2018, the course attended an equal number of Brazilian and Norwegian students, and is taught by Brazilian and Norwegian scientists with complimentary competence to facilitate teaching a broad range of themes. It has two main components: a field course in the Caxiuanã National Park - Amazon, and lab practices in Oslo (UiO). The course also includes visits to Norsk Hydro’s facilities in Brazil and Norway, visit to local villages in remote forested areas and boat trips across Amazonian rivers. The main objective of the project is educate future experts on Amazon biodiversity, ecology and forest restoration, and give them knowledge and a critical sense that are relevant for future careers in academia, government, NGOs and private companies. Students and professors that integrate the course are from UiO, UFPA, NMBU, MPEG and UFRA.


Students and Professors in Caxiuanã National Park (Amazon) during the first part of the field course, in Brazil


Second part of the field course, in Norway. Students visiting Hydro in Holmestrand, Ås and at the Natural History Museum (from left to right)

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