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The Biodiversity Research Consortium Brazil-Norway (BRC) was established in 2013. Uniting five Brazilian and Norwegian institutions, the main aim of the cooperation is to develop environmental research in the eastern Brazilian Amazon. The specific research projects fall into three areas:


1) Biodiversity surveys and monitoring in mining areas and surroundings

2) Greenhouse gas fluxes and carbon footprint related to mining operations

3) Restoration of tropical forests, including restoration of biodiversity and forest soils


  • Develop research activities

  • Strengthen university - industry partnerships

  • Integrate graduate students in research and promote exchange

  • Improve the scientific international collaboration in the Amazon


  • Over 25 ongoing projects, covering the most diverse topics on environment and restoration

  • Nearly 60 published papers on important scientific journals

  • High relevance for the academic training among the institutions, with more than a hundred students involved in the projects

  • Science-based improvements for a more sustainable use the Amazon resources


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